The Impact Economy Research Hub (IERH) undertakes academic and applied research at the intersection of business and creativity to advance transformative change in society. Research in the hub advances transformative change in two key areas.

First, it undertakes academic research which aims to understand creativity and business can be used to address key challenges in today’s complex society. A central focus of the research in the hub is on exploring how creativity - and related ideas such as entrepreneurship, enterprise, innovation and change - realizes transformative social impact for all groups in society including those that are marginalized.

The second area of research focuses on applied social innovation design. In this area design practice is used as a tool to create positive change and impact in ways that are socially, environmentally and financial sustainable. In addition to research activities the research hub supports curricular developments in the area of social innovation. The research hub has contributed to the development of the new Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation at OCAD U, and welcomes students who wish to undertake research projects which contribute to meaningful change in society. 

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